Let me tell you something about people. They’re stupid. Now wait just a minute, hear me out. They’re not stupid by nature, no no no, they’re tricked into being stupid. I’ve been around a long time here, and let me tell you something. I’ve seen a lot of things. Too many things. Things that get folks waking up with no kidneys in a bathtub full of rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what happened to me? Well I’m gonna tell ya. I learned. That’s right that’s right. I observed…and I learned. See that’s the problem with you young folk today, you don’t observe. You never notice the things that are happening right in front of you. Obvious things. Things as clear as an empty pickle jar.

For example, did you know that there is a secret society of window washers pulling the strings for 373 of the Fortune 500 companies in America? They’ve got their hands their pocket, that they do. Who’s pocket, you know better than too ask that. Political financing, lobbying, a decision can’t get made in Washington without window washing money. Do you really think in this day and age we don’t have the technology to create a automated window washer? I know we do, I invented it. That is before I started getting the threats. You see, this secret organization can’t have machines, because how else would they keep tabs on their pawns? They wouldn’t that’s how. They silenced me up right quick.

And let me tell you something about another one of those secret organizations. Are you still reading because I’m still writing! You probably think I’m about to tell you about the freemasons. All you young conspiracy theorists think the freemasons are behind everything. Not this time. I don’ play with your conspiracy theories. I’m about to throw some conspiracy fact your way.

More powerful than any freemason or skull, are those responsible for delivering the mail. That’s right, the letter delivery men (and women) across this great nation. I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that they have been the root of all genetic tracking for the last 50 some-odd years. Well believe it Jr. Every time you lick a stamp, you’re running the risk of those sneaky nightwalkers stealing your DNA. There could be another you walking around right now. Cloned from your stolen genes. Doesn’t seem possible? You think with all of those employees, someone would have had to spill the beans? Well, they tried. At one point, there was an uprising from inside. Employees that wanted to tell the truth. But they didnt stand a chance. Nope, not a prayer. The service is way too powerful. Their media spinners went to work the moment the rumors started arriving. Those that were trying to fight for you were described as going “postal.” They were said to be looney, and you all believed it. The truth was squashed. You can call me crazy, it’s no skin of my bottom, but I’ll tell you something. This is one man that’s using a piece of masking tape to attach a stamp. That is, if I used post in the first place. I haven’t mailed a letter in at least 22 years.

I’d just as soon use dental floss. You young kids and your dental hygiene. You little tykes get me slapping my knee so hard my arthritis acts up. You think that flossing is actually good for your teeth. Well I’m gonna throw some knowledge at ya right now that’s gonna burst the bubbles floating around in your mind. Dental floss is bad. As bad as bromide. I know what you’re gonna say. I know, I know, the dentist told you that threading your teeth with a little piece of waxy string is very necessary. But let me ask you something? Why are you trusting him? He’s not your friend. Dentistry is a business. It’s a business, and you’re dentist wants to get paid. That’s why he recommends the floss. Everyone knows that the waxy substance coating your dental floss is actually an advanced level 3 retroactive polymer that is specifically designed to weaken your gums’ defense system. Why do you think you’re always getting that bloody mouth when you floss too much? That’s your gums’ way of begging you to stop. Nope, flossing is bad, and that dentist of yours knows it. But he wants you to come back. He needs to get that money. The more you floss, the more time you’ll be spending in his chair. Take a good look at that gold chain around his neck while he’s doing his work on you. Paid in full by all those fat cats in the dental floss business. Makes me sick. But I avoid the dentist altogether. I don’t want them reading my thoughts with those x-ray machines of theirs’. Next thing you know you wake up with no kidneys in a bathtub full of rice.

You know, a lot of people are always asking me how I came about all of this information. Where do I have the time, what is my history? Well, lets just say I used to be an inventor. I broke my teeth working for a certain Government Contractor (wink) for over 40 years as an industrial designer. Invented a few things here and there. Had patents stolen from me I list those below but never made a stink. Made enough to keep me fed. Think about that any time you use any industrial-class vehicle. Are you still reading because I am still writing. Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked. It was during those years with the aforementioned government contractor that I first learned the secrets of this world. I was exposed to some things…let me just tell you…things that could get me on a lot of lists. And I’m not talking about the lists you wanna be on. No, some of the things I was exposed to are best locked up in this old head of mine. We’ll all be better off for it. But don’t you worry; I still have plenty of information that I can share with you. Things that will rock the boat, but not quite sink it.

One thing that’s always been on my mind is déjà vu. A lot of conspiracy theorists like to think that déjà vu is some sort of flashback from a different life. Maybe you’ve been there before or something. That’s just stupid. Déjà vu is just the mind playing a trick on you. Nothing more. Some people need to lighten up for God’s sake. But I’ll tell you where some other theorists have gotten it right. That’s the moon landing, Well, at least they’ve gotten it partially right. We never did land on the moon, that’s for sure. How could we have? The moon doesn’t even exist. Hell, outer space doesn’t even exist. Or at least it hasn’t for decades now. Nope, that’s just another one of the illusions set up by the powers that be. You see, they need you to believe that there is more out there. Places to explore. America was founded on this principle. Once we hit the Pacific, we needed somewhere else to look. Outer space is nothing more than an illusion. It’s a shadow cast by the earth’s atmosphere. The stars and the sun you ask? That one had me for a while too, but I eventually figured it out. They’re nothing more than the polynucleotidic gases reacting with one another and causing a illuminated reaction. It’s basic science. Every space expedition that you have seen on the TV has been a hoax. Now listen up and listen good. Unless you enjoy getting videotaped while you're naked in the privacy of your hotel shower, you better think twice about stepping into one of those watery peep shows. It doesn't matter if it's a hotel, motel, or boatel. Every single one’s got a showerhead with a built in micro-cam to record every bubble on your body. Talk about a room with a view. I know you're thinking this must be ludicrous. How can a camera see through all that steam and water? Well looky here, when you turn that shower on, the increased water velocity triggers a pressure activated tri-optic hydro lens embedded dead center in the middle of that two-faced showerhead. And every time you go and adjust the speed-setting, you're actually switching up the focal length, giving the bellhop and all them pervs behind the front desk the time of their lives. You put the show in shower. All across the world, each and every showerhead is specifically engineered to transmit your body onto someone's monitor. Of course if you dismantle it and take a look inside, don't expect to find a thing. Trust me, I've tried. Those sneaky sons of guns don't take any chances. The minute it's dislodged from the base, the camera becomes inconspicuous. Looks just like any old part. It’s top secret Ukranian engineering if I'm not mistaken. As for me, I simply use the sink. I can get 95% of my body clean without showcasing it to any depraved hostess' of hospitality. Scrub a dub dub, keep it movin there bub!

I also got the 411 on hotel maid service. Don’t think for a second they’re just tidying your room. They’re dusting for a whole lot more than soot. Check back here in a few because I’m gonna expose a whole conspiracy that’s gonna sweep the nation, so to speak.

I’ll be damned if every whippersnapper these days ain’t just the silliest creature I have ever laid eyes upon. There’s one thing we all depend on and that’s the sun. However, being the easily manipulated beings that we are, we have once again been targeted by extraterrestrials and tricked into believing the sun causes cancer. For over 30 years we have been trying to avoid its ubiquitous presence. So what does everyone do now, they go to tanning salons and bake like biscuits til they’re skins nice and crisp. Now how is it people are so oblivious to the fact that sunless tanning salons are no other than intergalactic alien tracking stations. Probing devices for crying out loud. Everybody who steps foot into one of those machines comes out a target. Why target those who tan? Because of their distinct social behavioral patterns. The age range is consistent and their desire to attract is of special interest to the ever-watchful aliens, ready to abduct for experimental breeding. There are several documented cases of tanning salon customers who have been impregnated by unknown causes. When questioned, they were unable to recall anything. The common factor? 98% of these those questioned had decorative “alien design” stamps on their lower lateral back, right above the gluteus-maximus. Now there is not one doubt in my mind that these harbingers from space had branded these poor young girls like cattle. Of course they implanted a memory recall device in these gals minds to give them the impression they voluntarily had those things printed on them. So now they’re going around all crazy and such trying to figure out how they got pregnant, blaming every Joe and Bob out there for it. You can see these people on the television, it’s quite a sad sight. They’re treated like circus freaks. So now we have a race of alien children born into our society growing, learning, and ultimately becoming leaders within our political system. It’s a massive takeover write under our noses. And it stinks. I have a list here of popular figures in our society who I without a doubt know to be of extraterrestrial descent. And all of this… it's this is just the beginning. I've got so much more to tell. Check back and I'll tell you all about the Salem Witch Trials. You know they really were all witches? And I can also tell you all about cell phones, and how they're killing off the entire flea population. In the mean time, stay guarded. Don't turn your back or the next thing you know, you'll be waking up with no kidneys in a bathtub full of rice.

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

We’ve been packing up our house for the last three weeks, more or less. It’s been a huge amount of work, and it’s highlighted that we’re both packrats willing to acquire and store as much stuff as our surroundings will allow. Clearly the only option left to us is to live aboard.

Friday, April 6th, 2007

I’m on a five-day junket through the US with my Nephew. We’re primarily here to try and see as much as we can, and take care of some family business near Dresden.

We arrived in Michigan.

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I realized the other day that I’m reading more daily than I ever have before,
but that I hadn’t opened a book in about 2 weeks. For this I blame both
my own inclinations and the technology which enables me to pursue them: RSS
feeds, or more prosaically, blogs.
When I first began seriously working in technology.

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

… spent the weekend down in Maryland, just outside of D.C. and can safely report that it’s amazingly hot down there.
As to the Whimsy Problem, I realized at the last minute that I’d brought back Indian formalwear from my trip to Bangalore, two (three?) years ago, and had never had such a great chance.

Patents stolen from me:














A couple of words now about something of magnanimous importance. First and foremost, I would like to thank my amigos and amigas of Latin America for making this particular entry possible. They were the first to uncover this deeply terrifying, if not down- right foreboding issue. By golly I'm just gonna cut straight to the chase here. I'm talking about Chupacabra! The damn goat-sucking beast of the forest. The over-sized demon rat that feasts on the bodies of livestock (mainly goats and sheep) and sucks up blood like a cherry Slushie. From Puerto Rico to Russia, this two-bit glutton for mutton is being kept under wraps by government officials and zoologists worldwide. Mark my words; this is not some phantom legend that pops up in MFTMs* during sweeps week. *MFTM = Made for TV Movies, but you already know that. Anagrams Smanagrams I feel like eating some Chocolate Teddy Grahams! – but I digress. . . . . .

Back in 1975 it was first suspected that the killings were done by members of a Satanic cult. Now that's plain hogwash. No human(s) is capable of draining all that blood bone dry from turkeys to cattle all across the continents with identical circular incisions. All I have to say is Chupacarbra is well alive and romping around! That's right my compadres. And let me tell you something about its physical description so you know what to look for next time you mosey across a field of deflated goat carcasses looking like they got in a fight with a run away steamroller. Now pay close attention here. Chupacabra looks like an amalgamation of a hairless dog, rat, and kangaroo. It's got greenish scaly reptile skin and stands about 4 ft tall. It hops all about like a kangaroo and can jump 20ft high.

Here's an official list of reported sightings I was able to dig up. This won't be up for long if government agents find this. So take good notes.

The court calls mid-August 1995 to the stand! Mary Johnson of Turner, Maine, described an "evil looking" rodent-like animal with fangs that had been found dead alongside a road. The animal was apparently struck by a car, and was unidentifiable. Photographs were taken and witness reports seem to be in relative agreement that the creature was canine in appearance, but in widely published photos seemed unlike any dog or wolf in the area. It was reported that "the carcass was picked clean by vultures before experts could examine it". For years, residents of Maine have reported a mysterious creature and a string of dogs that found looking like deflated balloons.

In May 1997, a series of reports on national Colombia news reported more than 350 dead sheep in the region of Boyaca, and the capture of a possible specimen to be analyzed by zoologists at Universidad Nacional of Colombia. That’s The National University of Colombia to you Gringos.

In July 1999, a rancher near San Antonio named Gene Harris killed a hairless dog-like creature, which was attacking his livestock. This animal, initially given the name the Elmendorf Beast, was later determined by DNA assay conducted at the Univerity of Texas to be some sort of hybrid of a coyote with démodé tic or sarcoptic mange. And wouldn’t you know it, Gene later woke up in a bathtub full of rice missing a kidney and his spleen. Now the folks in San Antone call him “No Spleen” Gene. Are you listening to me because I’m still writing! Sometimes when I get these ideas in my head I just need to put them down on paper or internet paper because the public needs to know the truth and just the information they learned in school books or the newspaper because they writers that work for the paper only want to get promoted to TV which is stands for Televised (ad) Visory the word ad came from advisory how else do you think that advertising made a splash in the USA? Its all about ads man- shows are a delivery product for the ads which pay for everything just another medium and now that we can circumvent all this stuff it’s funny like corporations trying to take one another down but the be all end all is going to ruin us all don’t you know I am not crazy I am saner than sane like McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest but my sanitarium is the entire world, you know what I mean brother > there

In October 2000, two more carcasses were found in the same area. Biologists in Texas examined samples from the two carcasses and determined they were also hybrids suffering from very severe cases of mange. In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow caught an animal in a trap he set up after the deaths of a number of his turkeys. AND THIS WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In April 2002, the News reported that the chupacabra was spotted in Russia for the first time. Although I have a theory that Russians sent a Chupacabra up in space right after Sputnik it is the only theory I have that can not be back up with facts. I’ll get back to you on that one when I get my KGB file from former Cosmonaut Ivan Krilenko next week. Anyway, reports from Central Russia beginning in March 2002 tell of a beast that kills animals and sucks out their blood. Thirty-two Siberian Emus were killed and drained overnight. Reports later came from neighboring villages when 30 sheep were killed and had their blood drained. Finally eyewitnesses were able to describe the chupacabra. The Ruskies have no access to Mexican TV or radio (and even if they could they wouldn’t be able to understand it) so there is no way they are reacting to mythological hysteria. It is merely another confirmation of the truth of the Chupacabra, my friends. In May of 2003, a Ukranian special task force was put together to track the animal down. Twenty highly trained Reds went into the Russian woods armed with rifles and enormous fuzzy hats. Hammer and sickle, butter and brickle at the local two scoops, ya know what I’m sayin? None came back. Another rip in the tear – you know now no sweat from my end brother. There is the tyranny of the status quo which I shall remind you sir is anything but normal if you know what I am sayin no need for prayin -. You know that area in the U S of A called Four Corners? They call it that because in the epicenter you are in four states at the same time? Utah, Wyoming Colorado and Nevada. But really, it used to be where four continents met. That got all screwed up when Eurasia had a tiny renegade piece break off which in turn broke off and formed two extra continents. Antarctica and Australia are like two afterthoughts alone and adrift at sea but instead of forming a

A sad story indeed but no one said life. But nothing tastes better than life when you’re hooked on it man, so maybe aquiered taste is good taste. Think about it if you don’t put in the time then where is the penny earned – catch my drift?

In August 2007, Janine Lopez found three animals in Cuero, Texas. She and her neighbors purported to have discovered three strange animal carcasses outside Canion's property. She took photographs of the carcasses and preserved the head of one in her freezer before turning it over for DNA analysis. Canion reported that nearly 30 chickens on her farm had been exsanguinated over a period of years, a factor which led her to connect the carcasses with the chupacabra. And in all of this I think that there is no w

In January 11, 2008, a new sighting appeared at the province of Philippines: Capiz. Some of the resident from the barangay believed that it was the chupacabra that killed eight Chinese Roosters. Upon hearing goh-gen-goh-goh (Chinese for cock-a-doodle-do) the owner of the chickens sprang from his slumber and saw a dog-like animal attacking his chickens.

Ok. Now if that don't make you a believer, then you're in for a rude awakening when that beast winds up on your local news station one of these day. The only reason you haven't heard of it is because zoologist have deemed the Chupacabra to be just as dangerous as Big Foot, and spin it as a myth. But everyone who knows the truth knows that Big Foot is as real as a bee sting. Speaking of bees, cell phones are killing the bees! Cell Phones are killing the bees! Cell phones are killing the bees! Finally, people are starting to listen to what I’ve been telling them. I’ve been screaming this at Joe public since Moses wore short pants. That’s when I conducted my research from my garden apartment. Wouldn’t you know it, my whole bee farm just upped and died on me. I knew something was goin on right then and there. Tried to take action, you know I did. I wrote the letters. Hundreds of them. Wrote a bunch to old Ronnie himself in 84 when the first cell phone came out in Dade County Miami, Florida. Didn’t get back to me though. No surprises there, can’t have a thriving economy if you’re not gonna have technological advancements. But the truth is out now. Well, at least half of it. You know the cell phones are bad, but you don’t know why. Well let me enlighten you sadly misguided folk right now. The heads of those cellular technology companies…they’re alien scouts. All of em. I know I know, you don’t want to believe it, but trust me on this one. Old Poppa Lester isn’t gonna bend the truth. Not here, not now, not ever. Are you still reading because I’m still writing. Those CEOs were planted here some time ago to kill the perfectly fine rotary phone lifestyle and build cell towers to kill the bees. You see, all of you with your wild fantasies assume that aliens are always coming here in their mother ships with giant planet destroying laser green beans. That’s just silly, everyone knows that aliens, while quite technologically advanced, don’t have the ability to blow up the Earth. That’s just common knowledge. But that’s why they needed a different way to take over. And that’s where the scouts come in. They know that without the bees, humans will cease to exist. Without the bees we’re gone like the Dinasourus Rex. Gone like the Megalodon. Gone like Don Jaun, Grey Pupon and my weedy lawn. So these scouts are smart. Brains over brawn. They made cell phones sexy, cool created unlimited minute packages and text messages. One minute on a cell phone = 2 bees dead. Text messages over 20 characters = 2 bees dead, text messages over 20 characters = 4 bees dead. Don’t even get me started on picture messages. THAT’S A WHOLE HIVE NO LONGER ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty soon the bees will be gone and the alien scouts incognito as Cellular CEOs will clear their alien brethren for landing in Salt Lake City because that is the best place to land a spacecraft due to the weight distribution power of Salt Water. But do we protest? No we add friends to our network and activate voice recognition. Not me. All I need is my trusty ham radio. SO JOIN ME NOW IN THE HAM RADIO REVOLUTION. You will be saving the world. I am in talks with the F.W. Woolworth Co. to develop a portable ham radio that will be cool and hip enough to compete with cell phones. You can be sure that no Ham Radio CEOs are alien scouts. Then maybe the joke will be on the Martians and they will be the ones waking up in a bathtub full of rice with no kidneys or spleen. That is if they even have kidneys and spleens although they probably don’t. I have yet to capture and dissect and alien but it is next on my “to do list.” I almost caught one once in my butterfly net while spelunking in New Mexico but it used its laser beam eyes to burn the netting and fly to freedom. But I never forget a face. Especially one with smooth features and giant bug eyes.

And with all of the nonsense going on like this it totally amazing that any of of my sides make any sense at all. Like a merry-go-round on a straight track, you know?

There is another thing I need to get off my chest and it ain’t the third nipple that just came in on my torso the other day. I’ll let that stay right where it is. Triple nipple it ain't that simple! To remove it would mean going to the doctor and I don’t trust those dudes no more than I have a trust fund. Three nipples are better than two I guess – did you know that manatee milk is a source of nutrition that, if taken on a regulat basis, will increase the average humans life span by twenty years? Yup. But because it would be such a drastic increase and mess up social security and health care, the powers that be send troops to the southern states to operate power boats in Marinas and put the propellers on high to kill these wonderful mammals. Half our troops are over seas, the other half are in the southern states. Manatee oh, poor manatees. It’s not their fault they are full of shallow water vitaminy goodness. I do think we should outlaw power boats and hire water ranchers to harness his wonderful liquid. HAPPY SEA COWS COME FROM MARINAS WITHOUT HIGH POWERED MOTOR BOATS! Think of the possibilities. Manatee milk, manatee cheese, manatee ice cream, manatee half and half, manatee butter. Of course when idiots get drunk they would go manatee tipping but that would be funny anyway. Go manatees!!!!!! They really are the cows of the sea anyway- we would heard them and do all kinds of fun stuff with them – a sea farm would rule. Wisconsin can’t compete with that? If we started drinking manatee milk we will be so strong that no alien force could overthrow us. Got milk? Yeah, we got it in the Atlantic Ocean pal – save the manatees! And the Chupacabra can’t get to the manatees so we will all be safe. Of course we will have to instruct farmers to aquamilk but it shouldn’t be a problem – same technique, just with a S.C.U.B.A. suit on. Plus we won’t have to clean up the droppings because their stuff just disinigrates into the ocean. I mean, we could just move all the cow farmers from Wisconsin to Florida – you know they would like it anyway, who likes the cold, honestly? Nobody. I think we could start a migration and keep Wisconsin as a place to move people, just in case. The big question is what to do about the meat? I have yet to eat or diagnose the nutritional value of manatee meat. They would probably become endangered quickly if we double up on them. Milk and meat with a side of beats! – I do hate beats though – bleeding potatoes I call them. I’m too old to eat things I don’t like so let me tell you about the cuisine I am into – it’s all about fruit but you have to be selective about your produce partners. Always throw it on the ground of the grocery store. If you get kicked out that means it was good and you should send someone back in to buy your fruit of choice from that designated area. This means you have to have a shopping team but what the hay? It’s not like you are a

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